Hi! I am a PhD candidate in the Greene Lab and Genomics and Computational Biology graduate group at the University of Pennsylvania. My interests broadly span statistical and algorithmic methods applied to biological and biomedical problems. Currently, I am primarily working on combining machine learning models of gene expression data with structured representations of biological knowledge, such as gene interaction networks and pathway/gene set databases.

Previously, I was a research assistant in computational biology and machine learning at Microsoft Research New England, where I worked with Jennifer Listgarten and Nicolo Fusi. Prior to that, I received my master's degree in the computer science department at Tufts University. I was advised by Lenore Cowen, and I worked closely with the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology research group at Tufts.

When I'm not doing the research thing, I enjoy playing and watching most sports, cooking, reading, drinking tea, and having deep discussions with my debugging duck.